Backup Solutions for Businesses

Can you put a price tag on your company’s data if something goes wrong? In most cases it is simply impossible to quantify the loss of a catastrophic event destroying all of your company’s files.

Nowadays the cost and ease of setting up a complete back-up plan is miniscule compared to the possible cost of lost or damaged data. While every case is different MCS usually suggests a 2 pronged approach to backing up your businesses’ files. One is a local backup, on a NAS or network attached storage system, which will back up your files in your office. The second is a Cloud backup Solution. Depending on the size of the data you need to back up, MCS runs its own low cost cloud backup service. For larger data backup MCS has relationships with the best cloud storage companies in the business.

The reason for our two pronged approach is that if something were to happen such as a hard drive going bad, which is much more common than one may think. We are able to quickly restore the data and have your system backup and running within an hour or two. The Cloud backup serves two purposes. It protects you in case of theft a flood or fire were anything local or on the premises is destroyed. We suggest this in addition to the local backup because in order to get your data back and keep your company running, it takes a significant amount of time to