Computer Memory and Component Upgrades/Replacements

If you have a current anti-virus program running, and a full scan detects no viruses and your PC takes forever to boot up, or if your programs are running slowly, you may need a memory upgrade. Often, there’s no need for a whole new system. We can outfit your current PC with more memory, new dvd/cd-rw drives, a larger, faster hard drive, faster video cards, or any other upgrade you need. Today with the prevalence and importance of email many home users are using 2 monitors, One of them has there E-Mail program open and the other is used for whatever other programs they are working in. We can set this up for you quickly and inexpensively. With our close relationships with a number of wholesalers and retailers we can get you the best price on monitors, or any other hardware components or memory aka RAM (random access memory).

the more RAM a computer has the faster it will boot up, the more programs you can have running and actively use without seeing a loss of speed, many older computers have 2gb of RAM or less, upgrading the RAM is the best way to upgrade an older machine, although not the only way