Home Network Wifi Setup

A WiFi network in your home is a must have. It allows you to save a lot of money by sharing a single internet connection with every Wi-Fi Capable device in the house, this includes but is not limited to laptop and desktop computers, tablets, smart phones, smart Tvs, video streaming devices and millions of other products on the market. It will allow all of your devices to share printers, files and peripherals. Just as cassette tapes became obsolete, so are DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks as they are being replaced with digital copies found in the cloud or on hard drives that play through your Wi-Fi and streaming devices. Most people have data limits on there cell phones, by simply enabling the Wi-Fi on any cell phone you will get speeds that dwarf 4g, while not using a single mb of mobile data, all while using less than ¼ of your battery life while connected to a Wi-Fi network. MCS will setup your Wi-Fi network both securely and specifically to fit your needs. MCS guarantees that we will do it cheaper than any other company out there. Please contact us to set up an appointment.