Slow Computer Issues

A computer can be slow for a number of reasons. The first one and by far the easiest to diagnose is it is simply old and needs to be replaced or have a memory upgrade. Memory upgrades, can be confusing and should be performed by professionals. There are hundreds of thousands of different types of RAM (random access memory) and it is extremely important to install the right kind as you can of irreparable harm to your computer with the wrong kind of memory chip. That being said it is not a difficult process once you get the right type of module, so the cost of installing the ram is very low. At MCS we charge a flat rate of $40 to install the RAM plus the cost of the memory itself which varies greatly. MCS has a number of relationships with wholesale companies and can guarantee you the best price for the type of memory your computer requires.

However if your computer is not old, in my estimation about 90% of the cause of slow computers is viruses and malware. According to PC magazine 80% of home PCs in this country have some sort of virus or malware on them. There are millions of variations of these viruses and malware created everyday, so it is impossible to be 100% protected against them. At MCS we have a 3 pronged approach to removing a virus or malware. The first is to remove the ones that are on there now, in some cases this requires backing up your files and re-formatting the hard drive, and restoring the computer to the factory settings, than scanning the backed up files for viruses before transferring them back. In other cases where there is only 1 or 2 viruses, that are not as destructive they can be removed by anti-virus programs.

After the computer is cleaned out it is vital nowadays to purchase an antivirus program. There are a number of them out there, the best ones are the ones that prevent your computer from getting infected with a virus or malware, so in turn you don’t have to worry about being able to remove them, These Programs are purchased with subscriptions which constantly update their database of virus definitions, enabling them to stop the newest ones, and remove them if necessary.

MCS also educates there consumers with an easy to read booklet explaining the best practices for avoiding viruses and malware.