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Magnolia Computing Solutions is the best thing to happen to our firm in 20 some odd years. Through there IT Audit, they were able to save us $2600 a month in our monthly bills. They did this by switching our phone and internet provider to a new company. As well as getting us a brand new phone system, and our internet speed tripled. They then had us a new website created and marketed it themselves, saving us $1200 a month. Then they negotiated a buyout of our photocopy (multifunction) machine, and had it replaced with a much better faster and more efficient Konica Minolta Copier/scanner/fax, which was $400 a month cheaper. They cancelled our agreement with carbonite and had our entire server backed up on a different and better cloud backup site(s) saving us several hundred dollars over the course of the year,,For more information simply call us at 516-742-5200 and ask for ray or contact us online at www.flecklaw-firm.com. I will be happy to send you the breakdown of what they were able to do with is..We currently use them for everything IT. For instance we had a workstation with windows xp die on us the other day..Thanks to MCS it was backed up and he replaced the unit with a refurbished dell computer for $150 with windows 7. I havent paid less than $800 for a computer since using MCS..please do not hesitate to call...516-742-5200, or contact us through our website http://www.flecklaw-firm.com

Katmar Testimonial


I called MCS after hearing about there free Business IT Audit program through an associate of mine. I employ 15 people and sell Medicare supplement policies and the like. MCS asked to see my monthly bills, spent a few hours examining the office’s computers, phones, fax machine, copier and pretty much anything electronic. They came up with a plan that actually saves my company over $2,300 a month in bills. They did this by finding me a much better and more productive copier/fax/scanner that was less than half the price I had been paying. He switched our Telephone and Internet Providers to Optimum Online, which saved us $700 a month, while getting us a completely new and up to date phone system that allows my employees to do things I will never understand! Since the Audit I haven’t bought a single thing for the office without first contacting MCS.

Katmar Associates

Tanya Testimonial


Magnolia Computing Solutions, saved us at our most desperate time,
Our server went down, we didn’t have a backup and I thought I was going to be out of business. Thank God for MCS, they brought over a temporary server, Transferred my hard drive and had the firms network back up 2 hours from making my first call to them. I learned my lesson that day; MCS set up a backup system and remotely monitors my systems, warning me of any possible problems before they occur.

Tanya Williams