Virus Removal

According to PC magazine 80% of home PCs in this country have some sort of virus or malware on them. There are millions of variations of these viruses and malware created everyday, so it is impossible to be 100% protected against them.

At MCS we have a 3 pronged approach Virus and Malware removal. The first step is to detect and remove any viruses, malware, Trojans, rootkits, keystroke trackers as well as reverse any of the changes they made to your computer especially in the registry and Master Boot Record. In some cases this requires backing up your files and re-formatting the hard drive, and restoring the computer to the factory settings, than scanning the backed up files for viruses before transferring them back to your computer.

After the computer is cleaned out it is time for the 2nd step. It is vital to purchase an antivirus program in order to keep the computer virus free. There are plenty of anti-virus programs out there, we prefer the ones that are best at stopping viruses from getting on your computer, rather than being good at removing them after they have infiltrated your computer. We are happy to make suggestions but we leave the ultimate decision on which program to use to you, the consumer. These programs usually come with 1 year subscriptions that constantly update virus definitions which is vital since there are millions of new malware and virus variations of them created everyday.

The third step and equally as important as the first two is consumer knowledge. The tech will speak with you about how to avoid getting your computer infected. By taking a few precautions the chances of your computer getting infected are drastically reduced.